I grew up on a farm outside of Cincinnati, Ohio and went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I majored in Fine Arts, and did well, based only, on pure raw talent. I graduated, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, in 1974. 

After graduation, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to find my fame and fortune. I worked for a local advertising agency, as a graphic designer and illustrator. Our #1 client was Coca-Cola…I drew a lot of Coke bottles while I worked there.

After a 5-year stint in Atlanta, I moved to Dallas, Texas, and continued my advertising career on a freelance basis. My primary client was Neiman Marcus. I worked in-house and in my studio, illustrating fashion ads, which appeared in the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News. 

Fast forward 30 years, I have retired from absolutely everything I have ever done, including a few “day” jobs along the way, and am returning to the fine art foundation laid at Miami University.

I work in oil, pastel and pencil, and after drawing Coke bottles for 5 years, I enjoy painting almost any subject matter imaginable.

I enjoy living in Dallas, close to my two grown children, splitting my painting time between The MIX Artists, a co-working and maker space, and my artist loft right at home…a lifetime dream come true.